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Exclusive: Tony Hsieh Killed Self in Drug Induced Psychosis

Adding to the horrible tragedy of Tony Hsieh, is the revelation from several employees of Zappos that he not only caused the fire that killed him, but had barricaded himself in storage shed during a drug-induced episode.

Internal communications between two executives at the company confirm that employees were well aware of these issues, and had been concerned even while he was still CEO of the company about his mental health.

He started the fire He was out of his mind on whippits He had stopped wearing shoes.

Lost a dramatic amount of weight

Gave up all technology Hired some dude for an exhibit ant amount of money to follow him around with sticky notes posting the time every so often so tony didn’t have to wear a watch.

Hsieh was pulled unconscious from the burning shed attached to a waterfront home in New London, Connecticut, shortly after 3:30 am on November 18. He died in hospital nine days later. 

While others were able to get out in time, the former tech exec was inside a “shed that’s attached to the exterior of the house.”

“The male is barricaded inside,” one person can be heard saying in the recording that was archived by Broadcastify. “He’s not answering the door. Everyone else is outside the house they’re trying to get him to open up.”

New London Fire Captain Brian Wrigh has confirmed that people at the home told firefighters Hsieh was “locked inside” and refused to leave the shed.

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