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What You Need to Know About Living in LA

There are thousands of beautiful homes for sale in Las Vegas, one of the most exciting cities in the world to live in. However, if you’re considering making the move, there are a few important things you need to know first.

Yes, It’s Big

Arriving in LA can feel pretty overwhelming – the city is as big as it’s depicted in movies and TV shows. Travelling around the city can be a little tricky because of this. The roads are busy and the public transport system isn’t the best in the world, but this doesn’t mean it’s impossible to get from place to place.

The vast size of LA only means that there is so much more for you to explore. There are businesses on every street corner, offering tonnes of opportunities for work and play in this magical city.

But You’re Still in Touch With Nature

LA is surrounded by vast, breath-taking mountain ranges, and you’ll never be too far from the great outdoors to get your much-needed dose of vitamin D. While the city life is big and bustling, there’s also ample opportunity to escape to somewhere peaceful and remote.

There are a lot of outdoor adventure opportunities for hikers, rock climbers, cyclists, campers and other outdoor adventurers in LA, so there’s no need to feel overwhelmed by the busy city lifestyle.

Driving is a Challenge

Of course, one of the major pitfalls of living in a giant, loud, passionate city like LA is well… The traffic. With almost four million very busy people living in this city, the roads are almost always packed in peak hours and driving and finding parking can feel like mission impossible at times.

A good way to combat this is by looking for a job close to home (or looking for a home close to where you work). This can help make it possible to minimise your bumper-to-bumper traffic commute time or even make it possible for you to work or cycle to work.

The People Are Amazing

Not everyone in LA is “Hollywood” by nature. Every city has its creeps, its loudmouths and its obnoxious residents, but for the most part, LA is full of kind, helpful and passionate people.

If you’re moving to LA on your own, or even with a partner or your family but you don’t know anyone else in the city, you won’t need to worry about meeting new people and making friends. There are loads of clubs to join, sports to do and local hangouts where you’ll meet some of the best friends you’ll ever have.


All in all, relocating to Los Angeles is a decision nobody could ever regret. If you’re going through the pains and planning that goes into a relocation, this is a dream destination that will make it worthwhile.

Whether you’re moving for work, for study or just for n adventure, you’ll find everything you need right in the heart of LA.

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