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Celebrities Who Play Daily Fantasy Sports

Celebrities are like average persons when engaging in leisure. Sometimes, you’ll witness some of them in the bleachers supporting their favorite NBA team or even brush shoulders with them in a sports gambling hub.

Fantasy games are quite a craze among a new breed of sports spectators. This sport isn’t dedicated to the common people only. Fantasy games hook a great variety of people in the prominent circle. Celebrities, politicians, and even athletes have signed up for an account on online betting platforms.

What’s Amazing about Daily Fantasy Games?

A fascinating fact about fantasy players is that 45% of them in the US make $75,000 each year. This is almost double the average American’s total earning, which is $33,706 only. This shows that fantasy games are sensational not only because it’s enjoyable but also because it’s profitable.

Essentially, daily fantasy games come in a wide variety of sports. As a participant of the game, you’ll have to build your team with your choice of team players from different existing teams in the real world. This is like a fantasy game but an accelerated variant. Instead of covering an entire season, competitions are held daily or weekly.

Now, let’s go to the fun side. Daily fantasy sports are currently legal in 43 states. This goes to show that many are engaged in this game. Of course, you can experience real fun with a bunch of people who share the same interest as you.

And the populace isn’t swarmed by commoners only. Celebrities are anticipating the game results, too! Take a look at the list of the popular stars who are certified enthusiasts of daily fantasy games.

Jerry Ferrara

The actor behind the character “Turtle” in the comedy movie Entourage is a regular in DFS. In 2017, the American celebrity admitted that he is obsessed with basketball, especially with the New York Knicks!

He once hosted a weekly fantasy football show on SIRIUS XM Fantasy Sports Radio. There he has repetitively mentioned his infatuation for fantasy sports and shared some more advice on daily football fantasy games.

He’s always open about his serious hobby, even confessing that fantasy football became his sacred Sunday event. He’s been in the same fantasy league with his friends for a long time. Moreover, he was grateful that fantasy sports had brought people into his life, who ultimately became his close acquaintances.

His picks from the Colts and the Broncos, along with Jen Piacenti, are even featured in FanDuel’s Pick of the Week!

Seth Meyers

American Comedian Seth Meyers is a member of the fantasy sports players club, too. The NBC’s Saturday Night lead writer and host even shared that he once drafted his football fantasy team when he was reunited with his college folks in Boulder, Colorado.

He even explained how he got his crooked nose from his passion for sports. Before drafting their football fantasy team, his college buddies invited him to play street hockey.

He was giving a game speech telling that they should enjoy the game and that there should be no regrets after the last game. He then found himself on the ground with blood coming out of his nose. He was smashed with a stick by a friend and ended up in the hospital.

He knows how football fantasy has injured his “million-dollar nose,” yet he is immersed in the game and daily fantasy games, fueling his inner child who’s filled with fervor and energy.


In 2014, Jay-Z was dubbed as the “Greatest Trash Talker in Fantasy Football History.” Back in 2013, the American rapper and songwriter has bagged honors and trophies in music awards. However, he wasn’t as lucky as he’s in music when it comes to fantasy football.

Even so, Jay-Z never stopped drafting his fantasy football teams. He’s currently in the annual football fantasy leagues, but it’s not difficult to believe that he’s playing fantasy sports in shorter terms, like DFS.

Paul Rudd

The 2015 Ant-man lead star is a certified fantasy football player. The latest news of him engaged in a football fantasy game is the video of Rudd trash-talking Robert Downey, Jr., aka Iron Man.

The two were opposite to each other in a fantasy football matchup. He parodied Black Sabbath’s Iron Man music video with mockery, dropping lines, such as “Can he win at all? No he can’t, his team sucks balls“. Moreover, Chris Hemsworth and Karen Gillan have uploaded a video where they are trash-talking on the AGBO fantasy football league’s YouTube Channel, which is jam-packed with the biggest stars.

It seemed like the entire Avengers squad is up for some attacks through publicized dialogues.   Well, buzzes like these are reasonably refreshing now that we are struggling to survive a horrible year.


Celebs are taking DFS to the next level. There’s no doubt that their popularity has heightened the rage of fantasy sports. If more celebrities are caught in the DFS fever, it will thrive as the favorite recreation of the stars.





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