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Robot Bartenders Will Get You Drunk in Las Vegas this Summer

If Rino Armeni has his way, human bartenders will be a thing of the past, as he plans to open this summer the “First Robot Bar in the World’ where robots will make all your drinks. To be opened at the in the Miracle Mile shopping complex, in Planet Hollywood, this could be one of the most interesting bars ever.

Not much has been posted about the project from Armeni, except that he is looking to hire staff for the End of June, including a “female General Manager,” which one can assume means a female human and not a robot.

The Las Vegas Review Journal reported that despite calling itself, the “First Robot Bar in the World,” there is actually a robot bar on the Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas.

What does this mean for the bar industry in Las Vegas? How will you be able to talk to a robot about your problems, sorrows, and flirt with them? No idea.

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