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O.J. Simpson’s Lawyer Says Reports of Drunken Vegas Incident Are Totally False

Just over a month since he was released from a Nevada prison, O.J. Simpson is back in the headlines, and not for good reason.

TMZ reported on Thursday that Simpson was thrown out of the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas early Thursday morning after causing a drunken disturbance.

Hotel staff reportedly told TMZ that at around midnight, an inebriated Simpson became disruptive at the Clique bar. Apparently, glasses at the bar broke because of the former NFL star’s behavior, prompting his removal by hotel security.

He was then banned from the hotel.

His lawyer, Malcolm LaVergne, has called the story about Simpson being belligerent completely “false.”

He said that Simpson received a trespass notice from the Cosmopolitan on Wednesday and that the hotel did ban Simpson, but gave no reason for the ban because the hotel does not discuss its guests.

He also said that Simpson contacted his parole officer on Thursday and underwent drug and alcohol tests, albeit too late to detect if he was drunk.

LaVergne is challenging anyone with proof to come forward.

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