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Beauty Bar Mocks Domestic Violence in Bad Advertisement

In probably one of the poorest thought out sidewalk advertisements, Beauty Bar Las Vegas has found itself the target of pretty much every single Las Vegas woman on Facebook.

After posting a sign on April 14th on the street in front of their establishment on Freemont Street, where they mocked Domestic Violence by saying that they “Like my Beer like I like My Violence: Domestic,” they quickly found more than a few people posting photos on Facebook exposing the sign and vowing never to go there again.

Beauty Bar Las Vegas, Domestic Violence Joke Not Funny
Beauty Bar Las Vegas, Domestic Violence Joke Not Funny

The sign was not only horribly insensitive to victims of domestic violence, but seemed to be borderline racist as the sign was written on a Dos Equis board. Dos Equis is one of the most popular Mexican beers in the United States and Mexico, and in a very political environment such as now, this type of sign might be considered somewhat racist or anti-immigrant.

One of the owners, Corey Harrison of Pawn Stars is a Trump Supporter.

We called Beauty Bar and someone picked up and identified herself as the Manager and confirmed the sign to be real. We could not make out her name, but she did say that it was a “poorly thought-out bad joke” and that “they take full responsibility” for it.

Beauty Bar describes itself as the “original bar and music venue on East Fremont Street. Owned by Darin Feinstein and Pawn Star Corey Harrison, Beauty Bar brings a casual retro vibe to Downtown Las Vegas.”

Update 4/15/2016 9:46: Dos Equis Issued the Following Statement: ”

“We were recently made aware of this sign and are currently working to contact the bar regarding this matter. However, we want to assure you that we absolutely, unequivocally do not support messaging of this nature. Violence of any sort is never funny, and making light of it certainly is not something Dos Equis condones or stands behind.”

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