Suzie Su Vegas Dentist thinks “Jews Control America.”

I can’t believe I still have to write about this shit. Here’s another clueless bigot who thinks “Jews Control America.” She ends with a “compliment” that really isn’t a compliment because it’s still based on bigotry of the worst kind: that Jews are “controlling” everything.

Frankly I think she should lose her license, or have it suspended ASAP for saying shit like this. It’s disgusting, period.

‘Nuff said, read the post below.

Antisemitism has manifested itself in structural inequality, dispossession, expulsion, and genocide, with the most well-known examples being in Europe, with the Spanish Inquisition, the expulsion of Jews from Spain in 1492, and the Nazi Holocaust in the 1940s. Antisemitism does not impact all of us who identify as Jewish in the same way. The experiences and histories of Jews of color and/or Sephardi/Mizrahi Jews are distinct from those of white, Ashkenazi Jews.

Jewish communities around the world have had different experiences with discrimination, bigotry, and violence. In this statement, we will be focusing on two forms of antisemitism that resonate in the United States today with stuff like this.

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