Friday, December 2, 2022
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Dr. Sean Su MD “Sexy Vegas Skin” Threatens to Kill Jews with Storm Troopers #lvmpd

The story of Suzie Su, Dentist and her husband gets worse and worse. After reporting about her violent anti-semitic comments about Jews ruling the world, I received emails and evidence that they have a long history of threatening people including threatening a local Jewish business person with death by Storm Troopers.

Yes, this Doctor who has already been in trouble more than once with the State Board of Medical Examiners for botched surgeries.

Yes, below is blatant death threats against an individual who is scared for their safety, so doesn’t want to be named.

I’ll be honest, I am personally concerned for the safety of any Jewish patent, or any patient of these Doctors as they’ve not only not apologized, but have continued their bigoted comments all over Facebook.



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