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Norm Clarke’s Shrunked Head added to Golden Tiki

The Golden Tiki added to its Cabinet of Curiosities Thursday night by unveiling Norm Clarke’s shrunken head. Managing Partner and master Flutist Branden “Golden Showers” Powers and Tony Felicetta of The Sharps were on hand to present the honor to the former Las Vegas Review-Journal gossip columnist.

Clarke, a little tipsy, had nice things to say about Managing Partner: “Branden’s been a longtime friend of mine. I’ve supported him over the years, and he’s supported my column. I’m really honored to be among the little head crowd now at The Golden Tiki.”

Powers had some nice things to say about Clarke also: “We’re really excited to have Norm here, and we think the heads keep getting better and better.” Clarke’s head was crafted over a four week process by Smithsonian artist Terry Barr, and is the fifth in a series of celebrity shrunken heads on display at Vegas’ iconic Tiki revival bar. Previous shrunken heads include Marky Ramone of The Ramones, Carrot Top, Frank Marino and Robin Leach.

Powers, mainly known for his outspoken and sometime’s brash persona, has managed to turn this to an advantage creating what is already become a Vegas icon, The Golden Tiki. We look forward to him shrinking many more heads.


Photo credits Infinite Imaging Photography

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