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Pedro Vargas Cabiesese: You’re a Anti-Semitic Douchebag

Pedro Vargas, a self-proclaimed “Architect / Guitarist / Freethinker / Futurist / Troublemaker / Fractal Addict / Global Citizen” is in reality, nothing more than an Anti-Semitic douchebag who attacks Jews under the guise of “free thinking.” Unfortunately, this type of defamation has become “en vogue” by some, who think insulting people’s traditions, calling them names, is somehow at the forefront of “free thinking.”

No, this type of racism is the worse– a pseudo intellectualism that attacks people’s faith, their community, and causes hatred and more ignorance.

People have a right to practice their faith, even if you don’t, without being ridiculed, attacked, called names and being bullied by someone who thinks they are better than “The Jews.” Your “criticism” of Jews is nothing more than a continuation of the fear and hate tactics used by the NAZIs. You’re inability to see past your own beliefs in order to attack others, is nothing more than the continuation of ignorance.

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