OWL to Attempt Another Relaunch as Former Staff Threatens Legal Action

After insulting veteran food reviewer Al Mancini, then apologizing publicly, Stephan Galdau the owner of OWL seems to be attempting at least for now, to make nice with the culinary community and perhaps try to save his establishment from himself.

In a press release released on 9/21/2016 on his Facebook page, Galdau announced that Chef Sandra Mallut is the new Executive Chef of OWL.   “I am confident, this is what I wanted and realized last Wednesday that Chef Sandra and my new team will produce and create consistently a bar menu that is so unique and special, I feel confident the city of LV will love it.”

OWL however may be in more trouble. Their previous staff and Chef has informed PaceVegas that they are still owed wages and are about to launch a legal complaint against OWL for not paying wages within the Seven days as required by Nevada Law.

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