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Extremist White Terrorist Wandering Centennial Hills

Conor Climo isn’t law enforcement, isn’t the military, but is tired of people coming into his neighborhood he doesn’t know, and he’s going to take action. So he’s decided to arm himself with an AR-15, knives and numerous weapons and terrorize the citizens of Las Vegas.

armed2Conor Climo believes there is “an enemy” coming after him. He told KTNV that, “If there is possibly a very determined enemy, we at least have the means to deal with it.”

The 20 year old isn’t sure exactly what he is going to do, or who the enemy is, but he has make it clear that he wants other white people to come out and terrorize everyone in Las Vegas, because he can.

He is currently unemployed it seems, but he told the news that he would like to be a private investigator.

armed4Climo wouldn’t answer questions about his background, but his YouTube Channel shows his very extremists views, and a very angry young man, who rants about “progressives”  including gays, blacks and most importantly his urban warfare plans. In one video he talks about his love of guns, the militia, and constantly wipes his nose as if perhaps he had been sniffing something. He is clearly paranoid and angry in the videos and believes that the end is near, and that we need to take up arms against perhaps the zombie Muslim apocalypse.

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  1. Glad this guy got stopped before he hurt anyone. Would be nice if he managed to use his upcoming jail time to get an education.

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