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Pete Rose Kicked Off Strip

Not sure what is going on, and no one really wanted to answer questions.  However, it seems that Pete Rose may have been “kicked out” of Vegas, once again, and that the Pete Rose Bar and Grill will no longer have Pete Rose.

According to the fine folks at VitalVegas: “Baseball icon Pete Rose is no longer involved with the former Pete Rose Sports Bar & Grill at the Hawaiian Marketplace on the Las Vegas Strip.As evidence of his parting ways with the venue, Rose’s name has been unceremoniously blacked out on the restaurant’s signage…The opening of the Pete Rose Sports Bar & Grill was curious given it seemed to materialize overnight. Pete Rose’s involvement in the place appears to have ended just as abruptly.”

Pete Rose Blacked Out (Thanks to
Pete Rose Blacked Out (Thanks to

Robin Leach reported the grand opening less than a year ago, with Pete Rose being added to the project seemingly out of nowhere: “I’m going to have a whole lotta fun here,” MLB legend Pete Rose told me at Tuesday night grand’s opening of his 9,000-square-foot Pete Rose Bar and Grill at Hawaiian Marketplace on the Strip opposite Aria.

As recent at August 5th, the Bar and Grill was touting their partnership, even begging people to follow Pete Rose on Facebook.

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