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Pawn Plaza is Failing Miserably after Scandals

Less than a year after opening THREE of the restaurants in Pawn Plaza have closed in the same week. Smoke’s Poutinerie, Pawn Dounut and Coffee and Inna Gadda di Pizza have all announced they are closing because of the lack of business.

Of the closing, Vegas Eater stated that, “Both ventures were created by 34th Floor Hospitality from familiar locals Ralph Cautela and Olivier Zardoni. Cautela was a force behind “Secret Pizza” at Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. Inna Gadda di Pizza featured New York-style pies by the slice or the whole pizza. Neighbors received free delivery. Pawn Donut & Coffee featured a menu of oversized doughnuts matched with Illy Coffee. The names and flavors were inspired by locals and celebrities.”

Smoke’s Poutinerie was known for serving smelly crap on French Fries, which many locals and tourists didn’t appreciate at all.

The lack of traffic could be because the Pawn Stars Cast have been less than popular these days. Corey Harrison one of the stars was criticized recently this year when his other venture, the Beauty Bar in downtown Las Vegas, thought that domestic violence jokes would be a good way to advertise the business.

Then soon after, Chumlee aka Austin Russel plead guilty for having a shitload of pot in his house, and agreed to go to counseling while during probation.

These left everyone wondering if Pawn Stars would even return – but the damage seems to have been done, with “Pawn Plaza” almost empty this week, and the three restaurants quickly throwing in the towel.

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