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La Salsa Cantina Leaving Showcase Mall

Despite being at the Showcase Mall for almost 14 years, La Salsa Cantina, known for its casual Mexican-like food and diarrhea for tourists, has decided to close to make way for another project with just as much indigestion as the original.

Not a huge change, because it’s becoming La Salsa Daiquiri Bar, which is a $350,000 change from the current place. What this means exactly hasn’t been revealed, but a little birdy told us that they will, unsurprisingly feature drinks, especially Daiquiris of all kinds.

This comes as part of the entire mall is being redesigned and losing even the only theater on the Strip, United Artists Showcase Theater, which has been there since 1997.

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  1. The big story is the loss of the movie theater. A break from the day to day going on’s in Vegas is important to me. While locals may look at going to a movie on the Strip less favorable than getting a colonoscope I look at traveling away from the Strip and downtown to be almost as comfortable. Look, their will always be slushy like margaritas and nasty Mexican like food on the Strip. Vegas caters to all and frankly if the 55 year old former Boone’s drinking teenager who now keeps a box a wine in their fridge whats to live up their child hood memories and perhaps score a NSF hook up so be it. Frankly Vegas the city I come to decompress be it as a travel stop over or even a week’s vacation. If I can combine work with pleasure in Vegas it’s even better. I find myself preferring to stay Downtown rather than on the Strip and as in a previous article pointed out some of the cool things MGM has done in Vegas they also led the way derailing the monorail from becoming a useful form of transportation linking the Strip with Downtown and making sure access to the monorail was difficult at all of it’s points to get to from the Strip it’s self. Perhaps I have a bit of a different perspective being in the hospitality business for so long but it always seems to come down to the little details that make a vacation or a stay great like being able to go to a locally owned coffee shop that does not serves an over roasted cup of swill water and get some work done over WiFi.

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