Many People Carry Guns in Clubs and Casinos in Las Vegas and It is Legal

Last week I wrote a story about the law regarding carrying a firearm in Casinos and Clubs. I personally stated the law as it is, how it’s enforced – and a few club owners and casino reps weren’t happy with me  stating the truth: it’s perfectly legal to carry a firearm in a casino and club in Las Vegas, and even ignore “No Firearm” signs. Not everyone was happy that I wrote the article, believing that stating the law would encourage people to carry firearms in Casinos and Clubs.

So, I became personally curious how many  people carried firearms in Casinos. So I did an online survey of people who have permits in Nevada and if they carry guns in Casinos. 106 people replied to the survey, obviously not a statistically large size, but enough to get an idea what exactly going on and answer a few questions.

78% of CCW owners admitted in the survey that they carry their firearm in Casinos and Clubs. This is despite every casino on the strip having an official no-firearms policy, irregardless of conceal carry or any permits.

However, when I called casinos about their policies, I got really mixed signals about their policies and how they enforce them.

This is important, because Nevada law does allow for people to ignore signs and metal detectors.

It’s perfectly legal for someone to conceal their firearm and go into a venue that has a sign saying “No Firearms,” including a casino and a club. The signs have no force of law, and can be ignored completely. You’re even allowed to “hide” a firearm from a metal detector for the purpose of concealing it from the security staff. If you are caught, there is nothing that can be done except being ejected and trespassed from the property.

GC Gates of confirmed this “A business that prohibits firearms will likely tell the gun owner to disarm or leave the property. If that person doesn’t disarm and remains, or leaves when they are told to “get out”, a trespass occurs. In Nevada, the request cannot be made by a sign, which many people would likely never see. In fact, most ‘no guns’ signs on casinos that are visible cite NRS 207.200, trespassing.”

According to Gates despite the official policies, he stated that “Casinos tend to turn a blind eye to CCW. If they don’t see it, they let it slide. Open carriers who are guests are asked to check their guns or get a direct escort upstairs, depending on the joint. Kind of an honor system. As far as I’m concerned, as long as it’s not illegal, there is a gentleman’s agreement of sorts, and we don’t have to pay personal income taxes, I think it’s a fair trade off.”

However as mentioned, the staff and security of the hotels and casinos weren’t sure what the policies are when called, and how to enforce it.

Treasure Island’s staff seemed absolutely clueless about firearms. I was transferred three times to different people on the phone.  Finally a security supervisor spoke to me and said that they have a no-firearms policy, but do not have any signage or even policy on site that states they don’t allow firearms. The supervisor was really nice about the questions – but admitted they don’t have any metal detectors and no way of enforcing the policy.

The SLS Casino was very clear about their policy, they do not allow firearms of any kind, and require all guests to check it in. The security supervisor admitted they have no way to know if people are carrying and don’t wand or check for firearms on their property. There are no signs that say otherwise according to the security supervisor – so no one knows if they are supposed to check a firearm in, or what the policy is.

The Trump Hotel Security staff refused to talk about this, nor answer questions if they allow firearms. I called several times and they made it clear it was policy from the top down that they are not allowed to talk about this. Of course, this is a huge issue because it means that there is no way to know what the policy is. I’m assuming this is because of their Owner’s claim to support open carry and carry in clubs goes against their own internal policy, but they aren’t allowed to talk about it?

Palazzo and Venetian security told me for “the protection of other guests” firearms are NOT allowed on their private property. However, similarly, the security admitted they have no signs, any information stating this policy to guests, nor metal detectors – or any way to know if people are carrying. This confirms what Gates of Nevada Carry told me: that casinos are really looking the other way, and if you don’t cause problems conceal carry isn’t an issue?

MGM’s No Firearm Policy is clear: They do not allow firearms. “If the firearm is in the possession of a guest, the firearm must be surrendered to Security and placed in safe keeping until the guest departs property. If the guest declines to surrender the firearm, the guest must exit property immediately. Local Law Enforcement will be notified immediately when a person is in possession of a firearm and declines to surrender the weapon to Security.”

Personally, I don’t know the solution nor can make a recommendation. Despite what GC Gates said, it’s clear none of the casinos want firearms in their casino and many are taking additional steps to make sure that the clubs are secured and security is using metal detectors. However, at the same time, it’s clear the casinos and clubs don’t want to annoy patrons that much and bother legal conceal carry owners who won’t cause issues.

 NB on Hyde Bellagio: Several of the clubs pointed out correctly that they now employee metal detectors and will not allow anyone in the clubs if they are “caught” having a firearm. I made the mistake of saying that Hyde Bellagio allows firearms, but that was incorrect – they now use wands to do their best to find firearms as of a few months ago. My apologies to MGM and Hyde for this mistake.

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