EDC Admits Struggling with Drug Issues

Illegal and unregulated drugs have seem to be a part of the EDM world for as long as it’s been around. However, despite the association with the electronic music industry, EDC in Las Vegas is making it clear that drugs are not only not allowed, but not remotely condoned by the festival. This year they have been working hand-in-hand with Las Vegas Metro Police to turn in drug dealers and festival goers who are engaging in illegal and dangerous behavior.

In 2015 LVMPD made 76 felony drug arrests at EDC. Since the festival launched in 2011, six people have died at EDC.

To accommodate for all the health issues encountered, including the triple digit temperatures which are supposed to be excessively dangerous, EDC has an on-site hospital with nine doctors and 72 separate first aid teams.

Maren Steiner, the director of Health and Safety of Insomniac, the company that puts on EDC said, “I think that rave promoters, or promoters of music festivals in general, are always very hesitant to approach the subject of drug usage at festivals. Every music festival that I know of across the world is struggling with drug use. I think it’s important to talk about it and stop trying to pretend it’s not an issue.”

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