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Moet Hennessy Rep Says Jon Taffer has “Damaged” Bartending

In a scathing post, Brian Stewart of Moët Hennessy says that Jon Taffer, of Bar Rescue fame, has “damaged” the bartending industry. In a Facebook group called “Bartenders Against Jon Taffer,” the well-known Moet representative took on Jon Taffer, calling him out for putting himself in on the head of the industry. While the post is somewhat tempered, Stewart blasts Taffer personally by saying:

… I say this Jon Taffer I have been a bartender for 14 years …. You should maybe take a step back just for a moment and see the damage you have done by not keeping with the times. This industry is not always a SCIENCE…its should mostly be a passion. There is so much passion amongst this group that in a few moments your words turned our passion to anger. We have worked very hard at keeping with the trends and helping to set them that maybe its time you do too.

Jeffrey Morgenthaler, the Author of the Bar Book: Element of Cocktail Technique, agrees that Jon Taffer might not be the expert we’ve lead to believe. In a angry article on Food Republic, the cocktail blogger takes on Taffer, calling him a “bulging-eye host” and questioning if Taffer had ever been in a bar recently. In the article entitled “What Does TV’s Jon Taffer Really Know About Bar Science?” he questions not only Taffers credentials, but basically calls him in an idiot when it comes to how make a Bar successful – even going as far to attack Taffer’s signature “Butt Funnel” as a fire-hazard.

Morgenthaler says of Taffer:

If there is one bright light that comes from an interview such as this, it’s that we now know what many of us had long suspected: that beneath your formidable presence, behind all of the shouting, and swear words, and insults, there’s a fool who is horribly out of touch with the past, present, and future of bars and bartending in this country.

Of course one must assume that Morgenthaler is trying to get attention with this article. He’s trying not only to sell his book (which has amazing reviews and you can buy on Amazon) but by taking down the “King” of Bartending, he’s making it clear he has other solutions that you can hire him for. “King of the Hill” type articles where you bash the top dog is often the best way to get attention, as long as you can back up your credentials and background.

Philippe Grandbois, General Manager of the Notch8 Restaurant and Bar in Vancoucer agrees that Taffer is a bullshit artist. Taffer “put himself on this stage, with bullshit claims and a brazen disregard for facts and reality,” Grandbois wrote in a Facebook post. “His “techniques” of helping business’ are like the Donald’s. Full of wild accusations and laden dishonesty. A wake of closed venues are his legacy, a laundry list of bad facts and poor demeanour.”

What do you think of Taffer?

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