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Cracks Showing? Top MGM Exec Criticizes Governor Sisolak on Social Media

In what could be the start of a war between Casinos and Nevada Governor Sisolak, a Daniel Rush, a high-ranking MGM executive has started to publicly criticize the governor. As the Vice President of Global Sports and Event Sales at MGM resorts, we are told he is in charge of most major events including boxing and the MMA and his opinion about public events are important.

In a comment that could have gone unnoticed on the The Las Vegas Review Journal page, Mr. Rush critized Sisolak’s communications, and asked “why do we have to hear it from ABC National News?” and ended the comment with that it Sisolak was “very disappointing.”

While it’s far from a declaration of war, it’s interesting enough that one executive over there  is frustrated with the Governor enough to go public.

This comes when Vegas locals have started to protest against the shutdown, with many going to social media and also in real life to try to “recall” Governor Sisolak.

We reached out to both Mr. Rush and MGMs Media team and did not hear back.

Added: We heard back from Mr. Rush and he said this was not an official MGM statement.

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