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Top Picks for 2020 NFL Draft Betting Pool

The NFL regular season is over, which means that the annual meeting of the National Football League (NFL) franchises to select newly eligible players, popularly known as the NFL Draft 2020, is also forthcoming.

As previously published, the NFL draft betting odds is scheduled to be held on April 23–25, 2020. Round 1 of selection will start at 8 p.m. ET on Thursday, April 23, while Rounds 2-3 will commence at 7 p.m ET on Friday, April 24. Rounds 4-7, however, will start at noon on Saturday, April 25. Reportedly, all seven rounds of the draft will be televised on ABC, ESPN, and NFL Network.

However, in view of the COVID-19 pandemic, the NFL announced on March 16 that the annual selection process would no longer include public festivities in Las Vegas. Nevertheless, the 2020 draft will proceed as scheduled.

Although a little disappointed, sports fans all over the world remain positive and excited. Predictions of which player will go to which team is still a popular discussion among fans. With that in mind, we prepared a short list of top picks for the NFL Draft 2020.

Cincinnati Bengals: LSU QB Joe Burrow

For the first time since 2003, the Cincinnati Bengals will select the number one overall pick in the NFL Draft. With Joe Burrow considered as the top quarterback prospect in the 2020 NFL Draft, the Bengals are likely to pick the man everybody knows they are going to select, and that’s easily the best quarterback in the draft.

Burrow possesses outstanding qualities to look for in a franchise quarterback with single-season performances that are among the greatest in college football history. Burrow proved that he was indeed one of the best players of the 2019 season, especially after he won the Heisman Trophy and led LSU to a national championship.

Washington Redskins: Ohio State DE Chase Young

Chase Young is the best defensive player in this year’s draft class, making an impact every game last season for Ohio State. He played for the Buckeyes and helped them win the Big 10 championship and reach the College Football Playoffs.

The transition to the NFL should be easy for Young. As of today, he already shows he has the potential to become one of the best pass-rushers in the league. Defensive end Young clearly has remarkable flexibility making it difficult for offensive tackles to stop him from going after the target. This has made him a desirable choice for the Redskins.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Clemson LB Isaiah Simmons

For any team, finding Linebreaker Simmons a position will not be a problem since his versatility is his number one trait. His ability to play each of the posts makes him a prized athlete.

Simmons also has the potential to be the ultimate defensive weapon. With his size and cosmic speed, he is one to throw a massive force upon contact. Simmons can run so fast and, at the same time, generate a lot of force when he closes in to the ball. Given all these, he can also be a great leader with aspects of a great NFL tackling machine. Since the Jaguars are revamping their defense, Simmon’s will likely be among their top picks.

Miami Dolphins: Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa

Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa’s season ended due to hip surgery in November. It prompted concerns about his ability to play and stay healthy for the next season. However, when Tagovailoa played for the Crimson Tide, the quarterback showed an impressive performance.

He is a dynamic player who could become one of the top quarterbacks in the National Football League. Assuming that he stays fit and healthy, he could be one to play for the Miami Dolphins since the Miami team has been eyeing on him and have been willing to wait for him since the end of last season.

Arizona Cardinals: Alabama OT Jedrick Wills

Jedrick Wills is highly athletic and very ready for the NFL. He is a very talented right tackle, especially during the past season. Wills has consistency and toughness, making him one of the top picks in the offensive tackle class.

Wills is patient and well-balanced, making him a very effective player. With a boasting 12 big-time blocks in the running game, he proves to be also an excellent run-blocker that could very well fit the Arizona Cardinals’ team.


A lot of college football players are ready to take the NFL playing field by storm. The above are only a few of those who are destined for significant opportunities under the NFL franchise. We are one with all the sports fans all over the world excited for the coming NFL Draft 2020. The NFL Draft had become a much-needed distraction from the COVID-19 pandemic, and indeed, the show must go on for the most popular game in the United States!

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