Vegas Sheriff Starts Sanctuary City Police without Approval of County

While Sheriff Lombardo was once a Republican, it seems that he’s put his ring in the hat as a die hard liberal suddenly — after enormous pressure form the Casino industry.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Sheriff Joe Lombardo said he will no longer honor requests by Federal Law Enforcement to detain illegal criminal immigrants for the federal agency Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) moving forward  — without approval from County or State Executives to ignore the law. 

According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, this policy was originally done in secret: “In December, Sheriff Joe Lombardo ordered his officers to stop notifying ICE when they had arrested an illegal alien who had only low-level traffic bench warrants. The policy change wasn’t made public until earlier this month when Metro lobbyist Chuck Calloway mentioned it to a legislative committee. In what Calloway insists was a coincidence, opponents of the 287(g) program had held a protest the day before his testimony.”

Sheriff Lombardo has made it clear during an interview on local television station Channel 8’s morning show he hates President Trump and made the decision after being pushed by the Casino executives.

Telephone calls to the county were answered by electronic devices on three different telephone numbers directing the callers to leave a message or to call another number that is also answered by another electronic device.
Sanctuary cities are described as “local governments that refuse to help the federal government enforce immigration laws and allow those entering the country illegally to wander around and not be detained.


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