Smoking Banned in All Vegas Pools, including Clubs

According to the Southern Nevada Health District, smoking is now illegal in all pools in Las Vegas, including pool clubs. Per NAC444.280, smoking is prohibited at public bathing facilities, including resorts and pool clubs. According to the SDHD the New pool regulations will start July 1st, and will require signs with expected/prohibited behaviors, such as no smoking allowed:

  • In case of an emergency, dial 911 and the aquatic facility address shall be posted and maintained at the emergency telephone, system or device
  • Operating hours of the aquatic facility and unauthorized use of the aquatic facility outside of these hours is prohibited
  • No smoking in the aquatic venue or on the deck
  • Do not swim if you have open wounds
  • Do not swim if you are ill with diarrhea or have had diarrhea within the past two weeks
  • Shower before entering the water
  • No glass items in the aquatic venue or on the deck
  • Diaper changing on the deck is prohibited
  • No animals in the aquatic venue and no animals on the deck, except service animals

New facilities must post the signs now according to the experts. SNDH has posted the following for those interested in knowing more: 

As Vital Vegas pointed out in their feed, a lot of casinos do not seem to be looking to follow the law and haven’t started the legal requirements to ban smoking, let alone posting signs.

SDHD has confirmed with PaceVegas that there are “no exceptions'” to the rule, and all public pools must comply or stiff face fines and possible loss of licensing. Clubs that don’t comply may be shut down for health violations.

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