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Discotech – The Premier Las Vegas Nightlife App

This has been a strange year for Vegas nightlife. The coronavirus has upended life on the strip. The nightly DJ performances have been cancelled. Some dayclubs ((EBCMarquee DayclubDaylight) have reopened but with limited capacity – bottle service only, no general admission. A few nightclubs with outdoor areas are open but instead of being packed to the brim, social distancing is required and mingling with other guests is strongly discouraged.
Nevertheless, the coronavirus pandemic will eventually be over, and partiers will be back on the strip in full force, stronger than ever. Many clubs are targeting the start of pool season – March 2021 – for a possible return to normalcy.
Whether it’s your first time in Vegas or you’re a grizzled veteran, getting into pool parties / nightclubs can often be a pain. Dealing with multiple promoters for different clubs, getting conflicting quotes, getting the bait and switch, showing up and not having your name on the guest list – these are things that have happened at one point to all Vegas nightlife regulars.
Discotech is a free mobile app that simplifies and streamlines the Vegas clubbing experience.
See Which DJs are Spinning
Instead of visiting all the different club websites, you can easily see which artists / DJs are performing the weekend of your trip. Save events and send them to your friends with a few taps on your phone.
Sign up for Guest List
All the Las Vegas nightclubs have some sort of guest list, whether it’s free for everyone, free for even ratio (must have same # or more girls than guys), or free for ladies only (usually on nights with really big talent). In order to get in on the guest list you will typically have to arrive before a certain time. In general early arrival is recommended to avoid long lines, especially on Friday and Saturday night.
Rather than reach out to different promoters to get on the guest list, you can easily add yourself plus your group to the free guest lists with Discotech. Some lists will also have benefits, such as free drink tickets for ladies.
Buy Tickets
If you don’t think you’ll make it to the club before the guest list closes, we recommend buying presale tickets. With tickets, you don’t have to arrive by a certain time – though ticket lines can still be quite long on holiday weekends. Ticket prices range from 20-60+, depending on the day and artist. Discotech also has promo codes available for many of the clubs – check on the app to make sure you’re getting the best deal!
Vegas Bottle Service
If you’ve never gotten table service you might be wondering – how does bottle service work? When you book a table at a club, you’ll have a minimum spend that you’ll need to hit. Essentially you’re renting the space at the table in exchange for the promise that you’ll hit that spend. Las Vegas table minimums can range from $500 to over $20,000 for the DJ table. Each table also comes with a number of admission that can get in via an expedited VIP line. On holiday weekends you may need to prepay the full amount up front to ensure that your table is reserved for you – otherwise if you arrive late or someone else offers to pay more, you may be bumped.
Bottle service in Vegas can be one of the most amazing experiences, but working with traditional promoters can be hit or miss. Discotech has updated pricing available for all the clubs and best Vegas pool parties, and their concierge team is available 7 days a week to ensure that your booking goes smoothly. With over 9k reviews on the app store and google play and a solid 4.9 star rating on both, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.
In addition to Las Vegas, Discotech also serves all the major US metro markets, as well as major cities in several other countries, including Ibiza, Bali, Barcelona, Tokyo, Vancouver, Mykonos, Paris, Berlin, and more!
Download the app for free on the iOS or Google Play store, or if you prefer you can visit the Discotech website!
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