LVMPD Officer Arrested for Raping Children Had Been Turned in Before by Other Officers for Sick Behavior

Supervisors of a LVMPD officer arrested by another police department knew about his problems in 2017, after another LVMPD officer reported that he was concerned about “strange behavior in his relationships with young boys.”

When Henderson police tried to arrest him, he “shielded them” and tried to prevent arrest according to our source.

The other employee noted that Matthew Terry, who is now suspended from LVMPD, had been coaching youth sports for years, and had shown unusual sexual interest in the kids, and even commented about their sexual prowess.

According to the report, the officers supervisors ignored the complaints and continued to assign him to placed where he would be in contact with children.

The 27 year old Matthew Terry was arrested May 7 and charged with 3 counts of Lewdness by a person over 18 with a child under 14, 2 counts of Attempt Lewdness by a person over 18 with a child under 14, 1 count of Lure child/mentally ill person with harmful computer material and 6 counts of Child Abuse or Neglect. The alleged victim is 14. Terry has been relieved of duty with pay until the court accepts the charges then his status will change to relieved of duty without pay.

There are other victims according to insiders coming forward, and the potential victim count could be in the dozens.

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