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Is Nobu is Finished with Nobu?

Chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa owner of the sushi chain Nobu revealed that he’s revamping all his restaurant including his Las Vegas signature restaurant, and getting rid of the signature style of fusion cooking that has made him famous, according to the LA Times.

So basically, Nobu is no longer Nobu – but will become more a “traditional” sushi place with “old school sushi preparations” according to executive chef Christopher Shane Chan Yai Ching.

Gone is all the cool preparations and fancy presentations that made Nobu famous, and in will be more “accessible” dishes that are both easier to make, and cheaper for the restaurant to prepare – and thus a bigger profit for the restaurant chain.

This is not unexpected as Nobu went from a few restaurants to a chain of almost two dozen restaurants in the world – that can’t have afford to have the Chef monitoring the quality of the dishes at all restaurants. An insider told us that Nobuyuki Matsuhisa is planning to open many more restaurants — and a simpler style will conform to the least common denominator he will be trying to attract.

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