Bah-Humbug: LVMPD Cracks Down on Giving to Homeless During Holiday Season

Violent Crime in Las Vegas is at an all-time high, but LVMPD brass have decided the real issue is “giving to the homeless” during the Holiday Season.

According to the law, there is nothing illegal about giving to homeless, but LVMPD has decided to be “creative” by ticking drivers who give to the homeless.

According to Metro Deputy Chief Chris Jones, on Fox5 Las Vegas, the reason for the crack down is that “we see it often where people will stop in the middle of an intersection, to give money or for…And this is very dangerous.”

However, there is no record, nor can LVMPD provide any evidence that any accidents, or anything bad has happened by stopping to help the homeless.

In fact, I spoke briefly to a LVMPD officer downtown off the record, and she told me that she would NEVER ticket anyone for giving to homeless. “It’s Christmas, why would I want to be a scrooge?”

Almira Sanders, a local who works down town on Fremont Street told us that she “regularly gives to the homeless” and this “crack down” will not stop her. “If I get a ticket from LVMPD for doing a good deal, so what?”

According to Metro, they’ve only issued less than two dozen “parking violations” for giving to homeless.

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