Democrat Melanie Scheible’s is Backed by Big Pharma While Slandering Opponent For Same Evil

New ads from Major Pharma PAC back Democratic Attorney Melanie Scheible for State Senate District 9, while she falsely claims that her opponent Small business owner Tiffany Sheree Jones is actually working with them.

Barely even mentioned in local news is that “Big Pharma” has inserted itself into the 2018 Legislative Races, hoping to be able to influence enough candidates to prevent laws being passed that protect consumers. As recently as 2017, the “Healthy Nevada PAC,” which is nothing more than an arm of the Drug Lobbying group, the Pharmaceutical Lobby has started to really try to confuse consumers.

In a recent blitz of ads, the Pharmaceutical lobby is supporting among others, Democrat Melanie Scheible, saying that she is willing to work with Drug Companies – and that you should vote for her.

This is strange because she’s claimed that Tiffany Sheree Jones, who owns a local bakery in the area, is actually backed by Big Pharma in a series of hit pieces and mailings. Yet, disclosures show that Jones has no connection with the Pharmaceutical Lobby — and the biggest proof is that they are actually campaigning against Jones.

According to the Nevada Independent, the Healthy Nevada PAC has a simple mission, according to documents filed with the secretary of state: “To promote Nevada health care issues by educating our residents and leaders, insuring (sic) the best patient care through access, prevention and health care innovation, and support candidates who support these principles.”

Senate District 9, which represents the southwest corner of the Las Vegas Valley, has over 20% independents making it a battleground for both parties.

Tiffany Sheree Jones is trying to be the first Filipino elected to the Nevada Senate, Filipinos make up the second largest minority group in Nevada, and the largest minority in the Asian American and Pacific Islander community.Jones says that she is proud Pinay, and that she is confident of that Filipino Americans in Nevada will support her. “If elected to state Senate, the first task I would tackle is to work on education; mainly I will make sure ESA will get funded so parents will have school choice, and also CCSD is allocating their funding correctly this is a huge issue for Filipino families, as Filipino parents are so involved in their children’s education.”




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