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Investigators Found Rep. Kihuen Harassed Women Including Unwanted Touching

The US House Ethics Committee agreed with my assessment that retiring US Rep. Ruben Kihuen had a little issue with persistently going after women he worked with weird sexual advances. We had previously reported about it before the mainstream media in my blog, and didn’t make a lot of friends doing so – and sorta became persona non-grata in a few campaigns.

That being said, House investigators met with dozens of witnesses and found that Kihuen didn’t really known how to control himself and subjected ladies to “unwanted physical and verbal advances,” according to the report.

It didn’t stop at just harassing workers: a lobbyist described behavior that seems to be pretty close to sexual assault. She says his behavior including Kihuen “sliding his hand under her dress and onto her thigh, grabbing her buttocks” and sending her messages asking her to sit on his lap and “through the use of emojis, that they make a sex tape together.”

Best part? The report says he did it in front of other people – and there are witnesses. Dozens of them. It really does show that there’s this real belief amongst men in power they can get away with this behavior before this year.

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