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Las Vegas Locals Marry a Tree

Monday at UNLV, some lonely ecosexuals decided to marry the planet and other non-human things to celebrate Earth Day.

In a “Marriage to the Earth” ceremony, roughly 25 people solemnly declared their vows to the Earth before a raised stage as cleansing herbs burned and drums thumped rhythmically.

Nudity may have been involved later while smoking pot.

“It was beautiful,” Mayra Arzate, who took part in the ceremony and may or may not have married a tree.

Jennifer Reed says her tree lover always has wood

Jennifer Reed, a sociology doctoral candidate at UNLV hosted the ceremony, and says it’s quite normal to marry non-human things like trees and the earth.

“we don’t see the environment as a part of us — it’s separate from us in some way,” says Reed. Marriage ceremonies are “a way to get people to see the Earth as an equal partnership.”

She also claims that people can transform mother earth into a “lover.”

We didn’t ask further.

NOTE: Seems some people don’t understand SATIRE.

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