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Cowards: Mandalay Bay Security Guards Hid in Restaurant During Oct 1st Shooting

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department body-worn camera video footage shows that on the night of the October 1 mass shooting, police found five Mandalay Bay security officers hiding in a restaurant on the casino level of the hotel instead of protecting customers.

According to an LVMPD 911 Communications Center dispatch log, at 10:37 p.m.  on October 1, 2017, the officer identified as 3Mary15, who is inside the Mandalay Bay Hotel calls in and states, “I’m with a four-man group, we’re clearing the casino floor right now.”

3Mary15’s BWC shows several Mandalay Bay security officers patrolling on the casino floor as the police team is clearing various venues inside the hotel.  The BWC footage has no time/date stamp.  Audio from the BWC was correlated with the police radio dispatch log to obtain the approximate times for this story.

When the footage begins you can clearly see a uniformed Mandalay Bay security officer laying on the floor getting patted down by the police.  Why the police would be doing a pat down of security officers is unknown.

At 1:25 into the video 3Mary15 who is armed with a shotgun yells out to hotel guests that are walking on the casino floor; “Do not try to run, you’re going to get yourself shot.” 

At 2:54 into the video a security officer walks by the police and is called back by a police officer who asks him if someone can get them to Surveillance.  The S/O tells them that they already have a couple of Metro officers in Surveillance already, and the group then continues on.

At 8:02 into the video two Mandalay Bay uniformed security officers are observed on the casino floor directing guests where to go.  One of the security officers then hands an LVMPD sergeant his master keys.  At the same time, this is occurring, another police officer is telling his group that he heard on the radio that they have a suspect on Tropicana and Koval Lane near an RV. The 911 Communications Center dispatch radio log indicates that transmission went out at 10:43 p.m.

At 9:50 into the video you can see a Mandalay Bay security bike patrol officer passing in front of the House of Blues restaurant and he keeps walking by.

One of the police officers then directs his group’s attention to the left which is the entrance to the restaurant, noticing some people inside to the rear.  He gives the command, “Hands up everybody, start walking this way.”

Ten people start walking towards the police from the rear of the restaurant.

Four appear to be guests, one is a restaurant employee wearing an apron, and five are uniformed Mandalay Bay security officers.

One is wearing the yellow shirt and black shorts of a security bike patrol officer who is equipped with a radio and appears to be armed with a weapon on his right side.  They are all patted down and told where to go.

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  1. You do realize you’re talking about security not doing something that (at the time) didn’t fall under their duties, all the more reasonable once you take into accouny that the only armed security in the entire casino are the cash escorts. The rest carry some combination of pepper spray, baton, or maybe tazer, but no firearms or body armor of any kind.

    You give me a tazer and a polo shirt and tell me theres a guy upstairs firing off fully automatic weapons into a crowd of 20,000 people (who already shot the first security guard who went near him) you can find me not only in the restaurant, but all the way in the back of the kitchen barricaded inside the walk-in refrigerator, hiding inside a food-box fort, looking like the SYSCO order just came in, invoice taped to it and all.

    Wouldn’t find me till I ran out of cigarettes like 3 days later.

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