Branden Powers To Open Metal Themed Pizza Joint Downtown Las Vegas

Branden Powers, the personality driven hospitality genius behind Evel Pie and the Golden Tiki has been giving hints about a new place for some time.

We’ve learned through an inside source downtown what he’s working on, and it may be his coolest idea yet.

Branden has been telling people about his idea for a Chucky Cheese clone for years, but now he’s actually doing it: Heavy Metal Pizza Party will be a ShowBiz/Chucky Cheese Pizza for Adults.  Featuring heavy metal bands like Slayer, ACDC, Iron Maiden on videos playing in the background, it will also have everything from classic pinball and arcade games to the best pizza in town. And yes, will have Branden Powers doing what he does best: driving traffic and doing weird things.

It’s also been rumored to have “hints of unicorns and wizards,” whatever that actually means. I assume it will be awesome though.

Speaking of the Pizza, they have consulted with Local Pizza Godfather John Arena to consult with them to make the best Detroit style Pizza downtown.

The joint will open at 1212 Mainstreet, next to Casa Don Juan.

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1 Comment

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