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Exclusive: Steve Wynn Didn’t Deny Allegations when WSJ Confronted Him

Insiders at the Wall Street Journal have told us that they provided Steve Wynn a list of specific encounters that he had with women that claimed that they were forced or harassed sexually by the Billionaire – and that he did not deny them outright.

Instead his response was that it was “preposterous” that he harassed these women. While to some that might seem similar, it’s a “big distinction” between this and an outright denial. What it means to most people is that he had sexual encounters with the women, and doesn’t want to deny them in case there is evidence – but wants to make clear that it wasn’t “harassment.”

The reason for this type of denial that is almost Clintonesque in the denial, may be legal: if he denies the encounter completely and criminal or civil chargers are brought up, it would make him look like a liar and untrustworthy, and also be possible evidence of a coverup.

However, the blanket “preposterous” statement without denying the specific list of allegations says a lot more than in its lack of words than in its actual statement.

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