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Employees say Wynn Spa Has Become Sexual Harassment Central

According to current employees of the Wynn spa, the environment has become so bad that its become “intolerable” and “awful” with guys coming in an making assumptions about the nature of the Spa. As one source said, men are coming in left and right and asking for “Steve Wynn” specials.

This comes as the Wall Street Journal article detailed several incidents in which Wynn allegedly pressured staff to perform sex acts. The allegations include those from a manicurist who claims she was forced to have sex with Wynn in 2005, shortly after he opened his flagship Wynn Las Vegas. The paper said she was later paid a $7.5 million settlement.

As VitalVegas pointed out, the story just “confirmed what Las Vegas insiders have known for decades,” that Steve Wynn was a sexual predator, and employees for years have been scared to be alone with him.

One employee said that Wynn managers spoke to the Spa Employees and posted a letter, that instead of showing support for employees who had been sexually harassed, talked about how amazing Steve Wynn was and how lucky employees were to work for him. When several employees brought up the issues of sexual harassment and VIPs trying to touch them and make demands, they were shut down immediately, saying that the conversation was “inappropriate.”

In response, Billionaire casino mogul Steve Wynn is denying all allegations of sexual harassment after a report in the Wall Street Journal detailed allegations of misconduct and caused shares of his casino company to drop 10 percent Friday.

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