Frederick Richards not-guilty in Hyde Bellagio rape case, Faces other rape charges in California

Frederick Richards a former nightclub promoter, while at Hyde Nightclub was found “not guilty” of kidnapping and sexual assault charges from an incident in 2014.

A 25-year old woman testified that she had left the nightclub with Richards, and was possibly drugged — and woke up the next morning with her skirt hiked up and her underwear elsewhere.

According to his attorney, part of his business was going home with women every night, despite working with the club. This case was no different, because the woman, even though she was drunk, did want to go home with Richards.

One juror had commented “I think something happened…I don’t think the state proved it.”

Unfortunately for Richards, his legal problems are not over, as his DNA showed up in two other unsolved rape cases in California with a similar profile. Richards claims already the same defense in those cases, that the women just have “buyers remorse.”

Hyde PR wants to make it clear he was NOT affiliated with the club.

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