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Vegas band Desire the Fire denies racism accusations but fallout from social media continues

Local Vegas Metal band, “Desire the Fire” has been accused by hundreds of people on social media of being racist, with the finger pointing directly at Kayla Elliot, the wife of the founder and front-man Cody Elliot. The result has been that the band has lost two of their members, both who said they no longer wanted to be affiliated with what some people called a “Neo-Nazi” band.  Also several local venues confirmed with PaceVegas they had canceled appearances of Desire the Fire, or would no longer book them for gigs.

Even the local news, Channel 13, KTNV did a story on the band, which pointed out “some of the comments were directed toward a man named Gerald Bryant. Bryant told 13 Action News the racial remarks hurt him, but the response from friends has been unbelievably uplifting. He says he’s received 50 to 100 supportive messages from people all over the world.”

Despite initially defending Mrs. Elliot’s comments, the band has come out stating that they were actually the victims, and that the account was “false” created by someone else who seemingly had a gripe with the band or Mrs. Elliot.

However, the local vegas music scene, rallied under the name the “avocado army” didn’t seem to buy it, with one person Taylor Schultz claiming that “so many people know that know her PERSONALLY vouch for her violent behavior and neo-nazi beliefs.” Another person pointed out the “fake account” was linked to her Instagram account, while another said “that account has been here since I met her at FD, that was nooo fake account, that was her in full force.”

The name “avocado army” came from the initial discussion in which Mrs. Elliot started to comment that avocados weren’t good to eat, as they had too much fat content. The result of that discussion was her seemingly turning against people of color, attacking and even identifying herself as a nazi.

PaceVegas has asked for comment from the Cody Elliot, and even offered for them to come on Air to speak about this. With no answer, we interviewed and spoke with Gerald Bryant instead about what happened and the band’s response.

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