Vegas to Launch Heroin Needle Vending Machine

The Southern Nevada Health District Along with the Nevada AIDS Research and Education Society and Trac-B exchange have developed a machine that dispenses clean needles and other IV drug equipment. The idea is to make clean needles and other gear available to reduce the spread of blood borne infections among drug users who would otherwise share the injection rigs.

The machines, which resemble those that dispense snacks, will distribute cardboard boxes containing clean syringes and disposal containers for used needles. They will also offer kits for wound cleaning and safe sex.

Users will have to register first to receive a swipe card and unique identification number that they can use to receive up to two kits per week.

 Machines will be available by the end of May at two health clinics.

“This is a harm reduction approach,” says  Chelisi Cheatom of Trac-B exchange. “So people are already engaging in these behaviors and anytime someone is engaging in a behavior that can cause them potential health side effects we want to encourage them to reduce their risk of harm by providing syringes as well as other clean instruments that they can use reducing them sharing any item as well as reduce of reusing.”


One in 10 HIV diagnoses occur in IV drug users.

The people behind this say providing free clean needles will reduce the temptation to spread infection by sharing dirty needles.

These vending machines also dispense wound care and safe sex kits.

The three machines will be located in downtown Las Vegas, away from the tourist Strip.

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