Has Sports Handicapper “Vegas Dave” Oancea Skipped Town to Avoid Charges?

Bad news for Dave Oancea, the well-known sports bettor handicapper, and clubber. He has been indicted by a Federal Grand Jury for using false Social Security numbers while betting at local Casinos.

Federal Prosecutors, working with the IRS, discovered that local casinos filed over 137 fake currency transaction reports, because of him using other people’s social security numbers without permission.

According to the indictment, Oancea is charged with nine counts of misuse of a Social Security number and 10 counts of causing a domestic institution to file false reports.

Oancea is well-known for futures bets he’s hit on in the past, including a $2.5 million haul on the Kansas City Royals’ World Series win in 2015 and a $2.3 million payout for the Denver Broncos’ Super Bowl win a few months later.

He took home $2 million earlier this year when the Falcons won the NFC crown, but missed out on a $5 million payout he would’ve received had they won the Super Bowl.

He currently is not returning calls, and is “out of town” and is not returning soon, leading some to believe that he has skipped the Country and will not be returning to face charges.

He also is well known in club circles, spending tens of thousands of dollars a night in different clubs, women, and according to a local club, cocaine. He has been banned from the popular club “Hyde” in Bellagio after security found him giving cocaine to another person.

He also struck out a few years ago on Millionaire Matchmaker, when he walked off the show.

“I was at rock bottom a few years ago,” he said in 2015. “My parents weren’t proud of me. I wasn’t proud of me, either. I’d lost their savings, but they never stopped believing in me.”

Well, I am not sure they are still proud of you. Sorry… Son.

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