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Vegas FBI Agent gets Prison Time for Alcohol Induced Shooting

An ex-FBI agent who fired his weapon at Grand Rapids Police has been sentenced to 135 days in jail and two years of probation.

Ruben Hernandez was sentenced Thursday on felonious assault charges.  He had pleaded ‘no contest’ to the charges in hopes of avoiding jail time.

Hernandez is from Las Vegas and was in Grand Rapids with his partner in December, when they apparently got drunk and then went to the Sensations Stripclub.  In an encounter with Grand Rapids Police in the parking lot of the Planet Fitness on 28th Street, Hernandez fires his weapon at police.

According to sources the Agent suffered an attack of paranoia after visiting the strip club, and was talking incoherently. The agent, Ruben Hernandez, 35, has only a “vague, hazy” recollection of the possibly alcohol-fueled events early Tuesday, Dec. 6, attorney Larry Willey said.

He was arrested and another video later showed his partner picking up Hernandez at the Grand Rapids Police station.

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