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Are Casino Bars Charging for Ice?

Everyone has been talking lately about the move of almost every casino to paid parking as a sign that Las Vegas is starting to charge for almost everything — but maybe the story is a lot worse. Recently Scott Roeben of VitalVegas fame posted on his Twitter account an interesting receipt from the Indigo Lounge Bar at Bally’s.

The first thing you notice is that, yes, the prices in Las Vegas are a bit on the high side, especially for a bar at Bally’s, not exactly the highest class strip hotel.

Then you notice the real issue: they are charging for ice. Yes, if you want your drinks “on the rocks,” you have to pay an extra $3.00.


Yes, $3.00 for frozen water.

What’s next, a cost for the glass?

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  1. They are not charging for “frozen water” as you state in your article. It’s an extra 0.5 oz pour of that liquor, since the standard pour is 1.5oz. Hence 1.5 + 0.5 = 2oz of liquor. It is only used when you order liquor “on the rocks.” If you order Titos and soda, you are not charged the rocks bump. I’m sorry, but for someone that is so in touch with the industry, these articles really bring an unflattering light to those of us that actually work hard in it. Maybe do some research and talk to some people who clearly work the industry, not just post whatever.

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