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OWL Was Begging for Donations in June

The saga of the very strange bar and restaurant OWL, and its even weirder owner Stephan Galdau continues. It was recently closed down by the State of Nevada for non-payment of wages and benefits, not soon after its executive Chef quit and went on social media to expose the owner.

PaceVegas has learned that the owner Stephan Galdau had been having serious financial problems as far back as June, when a now-deleted GoFundMe page was created claiming that Galdau was “behind the proverbial 8-ball,” implying that he needed money to continue running his just recently opened bar.

The page claimed that the money donated would be to pay Mr. Galdau’s bills and vendors.

This is disturbing, because it means that as early as early June, Mr. Galdau was well aware his company couldn’t continue to pay bills, but seemingly illegally didn’t pay wages and benefits on those wages as required by law.

Even after that, he continued to hire and make employees believe they would be paid. If he was aware he was suffering financially, continue to run the business in the negative and not paying employees was more than illegal, it was unethical.

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