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Vegas Bar Industry Calls for Boycott of OWL after Owner Insults About Everyone

After attacking and insulting dozens of people in the bar and restaurant industry by calling people who criticized his bar “stupid,” and “crooks,” Stephen Galdau, has been kicked out of one of the main Facebook groups for the Beer and Bar industry, “Las Vegas Beer & Breweries,”only days after inviting the members for another “relaunch” of his failing bar.

Ken Swanson, the administrator of the group wrote in a post, “The owner has attacked at least three members personally when they questioned his past poor decisions. First time I have said this – but that is a bar that deserves to fail. We must respect each other – this page will not allow anything other. The owner has been removed from this group – what a shame.”

While one member was upset, and called it censorship, the vast majority of members called Mr. Galdau an “asshole,” and agreed with the decision to ban the owner.

One user, Woody Hatfield wrote that he would no longer be a customer of the bar, because of the owner’s behavior and then users criticized him for not paying his employees their wages. Another called him an “abusive asshole.” Many other people have called for a boycott of the bar in the group after being insulted by Galdau personally, and questioning his business decisions and firing and not paying of local chefs and cooks.

boycottThe owner responded to the criticism with another seemingly insane post, blaming the continued failure of his bar because of “defaming slanderous lies from a blogger….” and other “vulture owners” of bars.  Stephen Galdau had previously blamed VegasSeven writer Al Mancini for his poor success after Mancini wrote about his entire kitchen staff leaving after the State of Nevada shut them down.

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