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Is the Best Bar in the World in Vegas?

If you’re to believe the judges of the 10th Annual Spirited Awards, announced at the glorious New Orleans Sheraton, the best bar in the world is indeed here in Las Vegas and is local favorite, Herbs and Rye. In this annual gathering of cocktail experts, bartenders and world renown drunks, we aren’t sure what exactly made them “the best,” but surely agree with the results. The Best Bars are indeed in Las Vegas, and Herbs and Rye, is one of the best.

According to Vegas Seven, owner Nectaly Mendoza said “To be the first [Las Vegas bar] to ever make it to the Top 4 was enough for us. To actually win—it was surrea. I truly feel that it’s always been within our reach, we just had a tougher path than a lot of the other major cities. I always knew it was obtainable, I just didn’t know when or how we were going to get there, and now we’re here.”

Mendoza was quoted that he opened the bar because he “wanted a place people can go to get great food, great cocktails and not pay a fortune. I’ve been to great restaurants where the cocktails aren’t good and I’ve been to a cocktail bar but the food isn’t good. I wanted an equal balance between the two. A local place where people leave feeling the experience was worth it and they would return. We have customers who come back three to four times a week.”

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