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Woman Claims Wynn Club Security Ignored Sexual Assault

Laura Nichols of San Francisco claims that she was sexually assaulted at the XS Club during a pool party at the Wynn, and that instead of helping he,r security staff handcuffed her and shamed her publicly. Their response is very “legalize” but personally, handcuffing a potential victim by civilian security seems a little on the strange side — but I understand to some degree why they had to listen to both sides and then contact LVMPD.

Still, something is wrong that a sexual assault victim is treated this way, instead of being offered assistance, counseling, and really looking into the case. It’s unfortunate that often sexual assaults in clubs are not reported, and that when they are, this is the response.

Making this worse, she was BANNED from the Wynn for reporting to sexual assault, and told she could never return. Hopefully this will be resolved, and I trust the Wynn staff to look into it seriously.

Wynn PR said:

“We would not want any guest to have the experience that has been reported. We take safety and security very seriously and act immediately when any assault is reported. In this case, both guests were actively involved in a physical altercation in a pool when our security reached them. As with any act of violence between two people in the club, they were separated, restrained and interviewed. Upon hearing the two conflicting reports, we contacted Las Vegas Metro Police to take action they believe appropriate. Clearly, investigation and prosecution of an assault rests with law enforcement and the courts. We have reached out to the female guest to offer whatever assistance we can.”


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