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Victor Drai Beats Down Chris Brown

Chris Brown, known mainly for his ability to still get gigs despite liking to beat women, has called Victor Drai’s Club a racist, and in turn, has been removed from his gig at Drai’s Night and Beach Club.

Chris Brown could have apologized, and according to Drai’s reps, he might have been able to stay working at the gig.

Still many people have said that Drai was just looking for an excuse to kick out Chris Brown, as their partnership hasn’t gone well for Drai. Being linked to a celebrity woman abuser has made more than a few local influencers say they would never go to Drai’s again.

Also, with Chris Brown being sued for allegedly beating up his manager, venues’ insurance is likely to go up if they insist on booking this female boxing legend.

Of course, a little vodka and a Friday night, most of them end up going anyway.

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