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Garth Delivers Goose Bumps at T-Mobile Arena

It’s amazing how music effects our soul. 25 years ago, as a young adult I dabbled in country music. I had been an avid 80’s hair metal kind of girl up until I discovered Garth Brooks’ third album in 1991, Ropin’ the Wind, which had continued his career’s sky-rocketing success. This girl was suddenly obsessed with all things country.

Fast-forward 25 years, as life tends to do — and I’d left my brief interaction with country music far, far, far behind me. Until a few days ago… when I was offered tickets to one of his Las Vegas limited engagement shows, the late Sunday, July 3rd show, to be specific. I didn’t have to think twice about jumping at this opportunity. I had often thought during his five-year residency at Wynn Las Vegas, I’d someday find time to go see his show there, but never did. This was for me a bucket list experience.

garth2We had tickets to view the concert from Hyde Nightclub on the 5th floor. The gathered crowd on Toshiba Plaza was massive at the main entrance, and they were opening doors about 30 mins late, due to the earlier 7pm show running over. However, we were directed to the West Suite entrance and had a very minimal wait in line to enter the elevator up to the 5th floor. The club space covers the back perimeter section of T-mobile Arena, just under the rafters. It has multiple VIP areas set up for bottle service during live music events, as well as multiple full-service bar areas. As luck would have it, we were soon led to a very comfortable couch area and settled in for an anticipated great show.

Garth Brooks, the consummate professional rockstar, in his own right, did not disappoint. He was likable immediately, and even shared personally when attending his favorite concerts as a fan, he wants to hear the good ol’ stuff, the hits… Then went right into all of them for the next two plus hours! Garth, his band, and the entire arena crowd were energized from the first song through the last, which played out until nearly 2am in the morning.

Singing along to nearly every song, including his wife Trisha Yearwood’s limited yet highly-entertaining set in the middle of the show, I was transformed into the young woman who’d first fallen in love with the rising country music star, way back when. Leaving the arena with all the tingly feelings and awash with memories and emotions that are the reason millions hand over their hard-earned cash for concert tickets for their favorite artists the whole world over.

Lola Rose
Lola Rose is a marketing expert living life out loud in Las Vegas. Born and raised in Fargo, ND, she escaped the small-town feel of the midwest to land in big city Miami, FL at the tender age of 20. Finally settling down to raise her family in Sin City in 2001. Her business acumen includes 20+ years in advertising real estate, promoting nightclubs and marketing live music venues.

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