Vegas Glossies Need to Stop Stealing From Bloggers

There’s a certain amount of weird “better than thou” attitude I have encountered from some of the magazine writers when it comes to showing respect and credit to “bloggers” for their work. In fact, one writer for Las Vegas Weekly a few weeks ago “warned” me about crossing him, because only the “real journalists” and paid “journalists” have access, and he could “ruin my career.”

In the culinary world the respect given to bloggers, by the food journalist is often non-existent and insulting, even when they blatantly copy the work these bloggers do to fill their pages and make their deadlines.

Recently, food critic John Curtas expressed his dislike of Las Vegas Weekly taking his ideas, the spots he introduces as “new finds,” and then give him absolutely no credit.  The conversation on Facebook, embedded below ended up with several reviewers insulting each other, in jest, but brought up a few good points.

While I understand that many people will investigate and review “hot restaurants,” when you examine the content, the timing, and the amount of restaurants that reviewers copy from the “amateur” bloggers, it becomes really clear they aren’t just copying where they are going, but often copying the review as much as possible – leading me to wonder if most glossy weekly food reviewers are even going to the restaurants.

In this case, John Curtas of Eating Las Vegas is one of the most respected, most influential food reviewers in Las Vegas. He’s been doing this long before many of these glossies existed and the owners of them were still parachuting cocaine on weekends after drinking too much. He’s introduced many of these restaurants, year after year, from on TV to his website to the culinary community, and ignoring his work is just insulting and unprofessional.

Simple solution: Credit and Link to John Curtas’ website when you steal his stuff.

Just an idea.

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