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Top Facebook Stories in Las Vegas Last Week 5/20-5/27

Anchor Rikki Cheese Shamed for DUI by LVRJ
The Las Vegas Review Journal didn’t hold back when reporting on Channel 13’s Rikki Cheese being arrested for a DUI and went as far as a public shaming. I’m not sure I’m in agreement for anyone and everyone’s arrest records being shared as “news” but here it is, she obviously need a little help and who knows, this might save her life. If she wasn’t “shamed” she might continue doing it?

Las Vegas Weekly Gives Their Ideas on Palms Station
Great little story from the fun guys at about what should happen with Palms after Stations finishes it acquisition. Personally, I’m not against tearing the whole thing down and starting again, but those that know better than I have other ideas including turning the old Playboy Club into a Bowling Alley and getting the LGBT interested in their clubs.

Al Mancini Destroys Ikea with Vegas Seven
Personally, I’ve never actually been to an Ikea, since the entire idea sort of frightens me. Seems like a huge wooden fire hazard waiting to happen, and with everyone full on meatballs, I can’t image terribly safe. Al Mancini seems to like it even less than I, but I never got the idea he was a Ikea type of fellow in the first place. Or a food reviewer, but there he is. Also, I’m a little freaked out by little angry Al here.

Vegas Inc Believes Resorts World PR BS
I’m not sure what to think any more about these projects. Didn’t there used to be a time when people said they were building stuff, they actually did it? Why doesn’t Vegas require bonds for demolition from the developers who often disappear faster than a one-hour hooker. Well, Vegas Inc is sure that Resorts World Chinese Themed Super Resort is on.

Eater Vegas Loves Honey Toast
Not a lot of social action from Eater Vegas this past week unfortunately, this biggest story only got 61 likes. It’s actually a really good niche, long-tail search term, so I expect will be a long lasting article. I would have liked it twice, because I loved honey toast and think this new writer Agnes is the bomb.

Scott Roeben Stalks What is Left of Riviera
I’m beyond fascinated with Scott’s fascination of drones and pretty much how to drone all of Las Vegas. Besides the amazing podcast, Scott seems to spend all his time flying outside now with a drone, and it’s gotten me hooked on the idea also and I’ve been window shopping for my own. Why? Not completely sure, but they seem really cool. Anyway, Scott this week has been droning and photographing Riviera obsessively because… well, it’s cool also.

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