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Why is Lagasse’s Stadium the Best Sports Bar in America?

According to the Nightclub & Bar Magazine, Lagasse’s Stadium in Las Vegas is the “Sports Bar of the Year.” This always busy, 21+ establishment, located in the Palazzo was given their award during the Night Club & Bar Convention Trade Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center–only half a mile away from Lagasse’s. While Emeril Lagasse wasn’t able to attend, his Director of Operations, Mike Olsen was able to accept the award for him.

Olsen was excited about the award, and while didn’t talk about Disneyland, he did say he was “overjoyed to accept this award on behalf of Lagasse’s Statium. Our staff is indeed the best in the business, providing the ultimate sports bar experience in Las Vegas.”

So why is Lagasse’s so amazing? Why is it the best Sports Bar in Las Vegas and America? Does this bar really live up to the hype, and become a male Sports Bar wet dream? Yes it does and this is why:

1) There are so many TVs that you’ll get a tan. Last time I was in there, I tried to count the TVs, but then accidently got knocked over by one of their deliciously beautiful hostesses. There are over 120 flatscreen TVs, a private viewing room and a 300 inch+ projector screen with surround sound. There is every single game you can want, and during the Big Games it’s a testosterone filled electronic sports orgy.

2) Legasse’s Stadium has Radio Studio Built in. Game Night with Matt Perrault debuded on Jan. 4 on Yahoo Sports Radio. This internet radio show allows not only guests to listen to interviews from Sports Stars, but allows them the chance to be a part of the show via social media and life. “Creating an unparalleled experience for sports fans, guests can be part of the action during the live broadcasts from The Palazzo Broadcast Studio. Matt Perrault will interact with fans throughout his show answering questions from social media, and even bringing in sports fans from the Lagasse’s Stadium dining room for quick chats and hot takes.”

3) The Food is Really Good. I mean really good. Emeril BAMMED the heck out of his bar and created these amazing sandwhiches, salads and apps. Seriously, where else can you get the ultimate pretzel, served with beer and a three cheesy sauce. If you’re looking to be a little more upscale, Emeril did a Foie Gras Burger, with “1/2 pound patty of our own blended Angus beef topped with seared Foie Gras, sautéed mushrooms and caramelized onions with a foie gras black truffle aioli.” I would go there just for the food.

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