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Of Course You Can Drink While Doing Yoga in Las Vegas

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to do Yoga completely drunk, we have the solution for you. Tas Upright, a yogi and CraftHaus, a local Vegas brewery have decided that it’s a great idea to get beer and yoga together and once a month they try their experiment in Las Vegas.

This Vinyasa all-level course is conducted on the Brewery floor and allows you to not only stretch, but stretch to reach your beer before it gets to warm.

The classes are run by the very tattooed Tas Upright, who admits that this is not your normal yoga. She swears, talks a lot about sex, and gets a little tipsy. She told Las Vegas Weekly:

“I wanted to create a comfortable environment People can have a couple of drinks to take the edge off, and if they like it they can continue practicing in a studio.”

Upright is not confining her classes to just the Brewery, but would like people to be able to get drunk in other places in Vegas while doing yoga. She is planning a future mimosa lunch at the Azure Pool in Palazzo.

Want to know more about Booze Yoga? Visit their Facebook Page

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