Nervo Joins Playboy in Bathtub in Vegas

Mim and Liv, the sexy twin electronic duo of Nervo have joined Playboy for an exclusive sexy photoshoot in Las Vegas. Playboy caught up with them after their recent performance in Las Vegas, and got them to have a little fun in front of the Camera

The twin sisters have a little more than fun, and a few intimate and sexy outfits. They also take to their bed and bath during the shoot, making fans hot.

According to Billboard:

Meanwhile, in the interview, the identical twins discuss their sisterly link and differences. For instance, Liv and Mim Nervo explain that Liv has is taller with broader shoulders while Mim is a better singer and so on. They also put the kibosh on that whole telekinetic twin bond theory and the apparent American misconception that Aussies ride kangaroos to school.

You can watch a video of the shoot, thanks to Playboy here:


You can see the full photoshoot on Playboy

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